I first came across the viol in 2001, when I was 19. I was then a music student, and I immediately became fascinated by this instrument. I had been interested in musical instrument making and general woodworking for a few years, and I undertook the making of a viol. It was a long and harduous project, but it inspired my true passion: musical instruments of the baroque era.

A few years later, I've had the pleasure to study the viol with the virtuoso Margaret Little. It was a memorable experience, which confirmed my love for this instrument and my desire to build them.

Being a self-taught maker, I soon developped a critical approach to my work, and I am always trying to improve my knowledge and understanding of the art and history of this craft. By studying the instruments and writings of the great makers and theoricians of the past, I was able to understand their techniques and benefit from their knowledge. Thus, my methods are borrowed from the old masters, and my instruments are built in the same spirit as the ancient models by which they are inspired.

I am dedicated to making instruments intended for early music practice: viola da gamba, baroque violin, viola and cello, bass violin, violone, viola d’amore, as well as medieval and Renaissance instruments. I offer a vast variety of models, representative of the many musical styles and schools of making that existed in Europe from the 16th to the 18th century. My instruments are entirely hand-made in my shop, using the utmost care, finest woods and ancient techniques.